"Scuba divers plan unprecedented
Tahoe clean-up"

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Be a part of the solution. Help us clean up the plastic.

About Us

Our mission is to fight back against plastic and all forms of pollution in our global environment, both on land and under the surface, starting with Lake Tahoe and the Cayes in Belize.

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Lake Tahoe

Through extensive research dives and outreach in the community we have discovered strong pollution issues both within the community and under the surface of the lake. We perform scuba cleanups, and strategic shore-based cleanups in areas of need.


Where our founder originally was inspired to clean up the plastic, we’re proud to say that we are working on the initial concept of voluntourism clean up trips with an estimated launch of 2022.

Our 72 Mile Scuba Clean Up

Our NPO’s flagship project is the first ever man powered circumnavigation of Lake Tahoe using SCUBA. This project will be accompanied by a large-scale trash clean up of every inch of the 72 mile sub surface shoreline.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are postponing the 72 mile scuba clean up until Summer 2021. View the special announcement below.

How You Can Help

Plastic is a big problem, but there’s lots of ways you can help make an impact:

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Clean Up The Cayes:
Join Us In Beautiful Belize!

Limited dates for 2022 announced soon!

Spend 7 or 10 days at a beautiful, beachfront, extremely inclusive yoga get away. Includes daily yoga, meals, fun adventures and of course volunteer time cleaning up the beaches in Belize. Good karma and a new zest for life may result.

Clean Up The Lake:
On The Beaches & Bottom Of Tahoe

Protecting The Lake We Call Home

Most people don’t think of plastic when they think of Lake Tahoe. Divers who have been down to the bottom say differently. 3 million annual visitors leave their mark on the lake – and it’s up to us to clean up what’s left behind.

We can do better by bare feet and animals everywhere.

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