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Clean up the lake Ambassadors

Clean Up The Lake 501(c)3 partners with ambassadors from both our local and global community in order to spread the word of our mission further.  Our ambassadors are individuals who support our mission & stand behind the environmental values that we have and have chosen to unite with us to fight back against plastic and all forms of pollution both above and below the surface of our local waterways.



We are stoked to have Elena Hight as the first ambassador of Clean Up The Lake. Elena has been an absolute powerhouse since stomping that infamous 900 at the age of 13 and she took that energy under the surface of Lake Tahoe where she trained with our team in Summer 2021, then volunteered as a litter-diver on the 72 mile clean up!  We are looking forward to working with her more in the future to fight back against pollution of all forms.

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Why Elena Hight supports Clean Up the Lake

It is no secret that trash is an issue in Lake Tahoe. As this place holds a very special place in my heart I jumped at the opportunity to volunteer to help Clean Up The Lake & their mission is to diligently dive the entire rim of Lake Tahoe to remove as much pollution as possible.

– Elena Hight



Mutumba Faisal first reached out to us in 2021 as he was setting out to work with youth and his communities to help clean up Lake Victoria as well as portions of the Nile River. Mutumba continues to work hard on his efforts to clean up Lake Victoria and our organization continues to offer consultation and support where we can, while seeking to help him acquire resources he needs to further his efforts in challenging conditions. We are proud to be able to call Mutumba Faisal an ambassador of Clean Up The Lake and honor the hard work he is doing.