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Lake Mary, CA

Lake Mary Cleanup

Project Goals


To date CUTL dive teams have removed 1,500 pounds of trash from lakes in the Mammoth Lakes district and now we are turning our attention to Lake Mary.  Over a two week period from July 7th to July 20th, 2024; Clean Up The Lake will being doing a full circumnavigation, SCUBA enabled cleanup of Lake Mary and surveying for aquatic invasive species.  This litter needs to be removed as litter that is allowed to remain in the lake will continue to break down, negatively impacting the water quality and habitats in and around the lake.   The AIS survey is important because Lake Mary, and other lakes in the area, are highly susceptible to the introduction of AIS due to the presence of AIS in Lake Tahoe as well as nearby June Lake.

Supporting Partners

An additional thanks to Distant Brewing and Pokonobe Marina for supporting our effort