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Diver Application

Our mission at Clean Up The Lake is to safely fight against the plastic pollution in and around the Lake Tahoe Basin. As a part of our SCUBA powered Clean Ups, we rely heavily on the help of our volunteers.


    General Information

    Primary Address

    Emergency / Medical Information

    Emergency Contact #1

    Emergency Contact #2

    Dive Experience

    Select the specific outfit with which you received your certification:

    How many dives have you completed?

    Of those dives, how many were in the last 3 months?

    Can you provide logbook if requested

    Do you have any of the following certifications?

    Do you currently have Personal Diver Insurance? (i.e. DAN, DiveAssure)
    Please note: Diver Insurance is required to participate in any CUTL events as a Diver.

    Due to the physically demanding nature of our cleanup dives we want to be sure that you feel confident in your capabilities in order to safely participate and have fun! Each of these questions correlates with possible strenuous activities that we endure on a day to day Clean Up.

    Can you lift 50lbs?
    Can you swim 200 Meters comfortably?
    Are you comfortable being on a boat in the sun for up to 8-10 hours?


    Do you own dive gear?
    Do you own a wetsuit?
    If yes to owning a wetsuit, please select the following:
    Do you need to borrow/rent gear?

    The following documents will be required for your participation.

    • 1 x Copy of your current Diving Certification Card
    • Any copies of relevant certifications (i.e. drysuit certification if applicable)
    • 1 x Copy of your personal diver insurance Card (i.e. DAN insurance)
    • 1 x Photo or Copy of your most recent 5 dives from your logbook.