Questionnaire for Volunteer Divers

Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. In order to provide the best opportunity to maximize our efforts of the “Clean Up The Lake” Project, we have created a required standard for all divers interested in being a part of our project: We are requiring a minimum of Advanced Open Water certification levels with 30+ dives total, and 4 dives in the last two months, or completion of an assessment dive with a dive professional working on behalf of our organization. This allows us to focus on our mission, which is to safely fight against the pollution problem that lies beneath the surface of Lake Tahoe.

General Information

Physical Home Address

Mailing Address

Emergency / Medical Information

Closest Emergency Contact Information #1

Closest Emergency Contact Information #2

Please note: Diving at altitude and at Lake Tahoe creates a challenge regarding decompression illness. Leaving the lake after diving requires you to drive up and out of the Tahoe Basin which is not recommended. Please allow time needed before going over a pass at altitude risking decompression illness.

Dive Qualifications

Select the specific outfit with which you received your certification:

Can you provide logbook if requested

On average, how many dives do you do a year?

Roughly how many logged dives do you have?

Have you ever officially dived at altitude?

Do you have an altitude diving course certification?

Have you ever been required to get a signed Medical Release for a dive class?

Willingness to participate in an assessment dive prior to joining us?

Do you currently have Personal Diver Insurance? (i.e. DAN, DiveAssure)
Please note: Diver Insurance is required to participate in any CUTL events as a Diver.

If not, are you willing to purchase Personal DAN diver insurance?

Other Information

Due to the physically demanding nature of our cleanup dives we want to be sure that you feel confident in your capabilities in order to safely participate and have fun! Each of these questions correlates with possible strenuous activities that we endure on a day to day Clean Up.

Can you lift 50lbs?

How many tanks have you dived in one day?

Have you used three tanks worth of diving within one day?

Can you swim 200m comfortably?


Do you have your own gear?

Check all the gear that you own:

Are you willing to rent gear to participate in volunteer diving?
Please note if rentals are needed, we highly recommend renting gear from Sierra Dive Center in Reno, NV: they offer our volunteers a discount: $56 for head to toe setup and a tank. Please note August 2020 Grant Divers will have rental gear available free of charge.

Would you be willing to join us as surface support? Either on a kayak, jet ski or boat?

Do you have a California or Nevada boat license?

After submitting your application, there are a few more steps to complete your application. Please email the following to
  • Copy of your current Diving Certification Card
  • Copy of your personal DAN Insurance Card/ Information
  • Photo or Copy of your most recent 5 dives from your logbook

We also need the following documents emailed to

  • Copy of your current Diving Certification Card
  • Copy of your personal DAN Insurance Card/ Information
  • Photo or Copy of your most recent 5 dives from your logbook